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What are you working with or through?

Sometimes another set of ears, eyes, and shoulders can relieve the stress of a dilemma or difficult situation and help you to feel better.

How can you bring the most joy to your life at any given moment?

Please join with me in creative explorations to unearth the blocks and challenges that keep you from having an optimal life.

How can we best sit with sadness, anger or negativity?

The way is usually through. I can be with you in the fire and help with strategies that lessen or quicken the rough path. My desire is to listen deeply and reflect back to help guide you to your inner healing wisdom.

My focus is on your sense of personal growth, liberation, expansion and transformation. In addition to talking, either in person or online, services may include tailor made experiences, process work, nutritional guidance, artist's muse and inspiration coaching. I also can make recommendations for health and wellness seminars, retreats, ceremony, travel, and/or various somatic healing modalities.  

Let's get together and express creatively ~ I'd love to join with you in painting, singing and/or dancing. Let's talk while doing an activity; a walk on the beach, cooking together or hiking a trail. 

Optimize YOUR life with a mentor guide

PTSD, healing old hurts, developing new resources and resilience, empowerment, emotional release, integration support, and relationship to self and others, are some areas we might inquire into or examine. In addition to being a long time meditation and mindfulness practitioner, I am teacher trained in mandala painting, a facilitator in Health Rhythms drumming, a reiki practitioner and well versed in other modalities. Passionate about growing fruits and vegetables, I have an extensive background in healthful ways of eating & cooking ~ let's have a session in the garden or the kitchen. Please allow me to show you how to connect deeply with yourself and the present moment to live life filled with more joy. Let's navigate together areas of difficulty and set a course for love.

Empathy, deep listening, acceptance are at the heart of my practice

My life has been rich with experience. I was married, then divorced, second marriage, raised children who are now successfully adulting in life, empty nest, moved house, traveled extensively, ran my own business, worked as a camp counselor & life guard, volunteered with hospice, and managed various life issues with an attitude of interest, curiosity and gratitude. I have spent time with people in the arenas of addiction, homelessness, and mental illness. A life lived with meaning and celebration, plus lessons learned from challenges resolved, are the foundation of my empathy. 

Loving words from a client

" Working with Carol Benton has been an amazing gift. Her wisdom and presence have been an enormous help in both my spiritual and emotional development. Carol's practice crosses the borders of spiritual teaching, integrative counseling and genuine friendship." Josh W. 

Group process ~ price upon request

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